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32 Soap Display Basket

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A selection of 32 Celtic Herbal soaps in a wicker display basket for display. If you have purchased before and do not require an additional wicker basket, please get in touch with your order reference to let us know.


Soaps included:

• 2 x Cedarwood, Rosemary & Mandarin Soap 100g
• 2 x Cinnamon & Orange Soap 100g
• 2 x Exotic Woods & Ylang Soap 100g
• 2 x Fragrance Free Soap 100g
• 2 x Gardener's Soap 100g
• 2 x Honey & Oatmeal Soap 100g
• 2 x Honeysuckle Soap 100g
• 2 x Lemon Balm Soap 100g
• 2 x Lemongrass, Peppermint & Rosemary Soap 100g
• 2 x Mandarin, Lime & Basil Soap 100g
• 2 x Pure Lavender Soap 100g
• 2 x Rose Soap 100g
• 2 x Rose, Geranium & Grapefruit Soap 100g
• 2 x Seaweed Soap 100g
• 2 x Sweet Pea Soap 100g
• 2 x Vetivert, Lime & Cedarwood Soap 100g

Key info:

• Selection of 32 Celtic Herbal soaps in a wicker display basket

• Naturally formulated

• Sustainably sourced beeswax softens the skin

• Free from sulphates, parabens & SLS

• RRP £150.29 total/£4.50 per bar (inc VAT) 


How it's made:

We create our soaps using a traditional cold-press method for long lasting fragrance and an indulgent creamy lather. Curing for 6 weeks, every bar contains a blend of beeswax, coconut, olive & sweet almond oils for skin hydration and softness.


How to use:

Run under warm water to create a creamy lather and massage into your face, hands or body. To benefit from the exfoliating properties our soaps, massage directly onto wet skin. Be sure to store away from running water in the shower.

Please view the individual product pages for ingredient information.