Calming Magnesium Spray with Lavender & Marjoram 100ml

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Calm Magnesium Spray with Lavender & Marjoram - dead sea elemental magnesium blended with Welsh spring water and pure essential oils to help alleviate stress and promote sleep.


Key info: 

• 100% natural

• Infused with lavender and marjoram essential oils

• Suitable for vegans

• Not tested on animals

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How to use:

Shake well before use. Apply spray to limbs and muscles pre-workout and rub in. Avoid sensitive areas and do not use on broken skin. Suitable for use during pregnancy.


Recommended Dosage:

10 sprays provide 200mg of essential magnesium. Users may experience tingling after application which normally passes with regular use.


Magnesium Chloride, Spring Water, Lavender Oil, Marjoram Oil.