Relax - Lavender, Rosemary & Marjoram Pure Essential Oils 10ml

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A combination of lavender, rosemary and marjoram essential oils help you to unwind and relax. Lavender essential oil is well renowned for its ability to help relieve tension and promote a restful sleep, while rosemary is included in the blend for its natural analgesic properties, and works with the marjoram to calm body and mind.


Key info:

• 100% natural

• Aromatherapy - helps to calm body and mind

• Naturally aids the relief of tension and promotes sleep

• Acts as a natural analgesic

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How to use:

Patch test prior to use on skin. Add 5 to 10 drops to a warm bath for a relaxing soak. For an energising room scent, or into a diffuser for a calming room scent. Can be added to a carrier oil for use as a soothing massage oil.


Safety information:

For external use only. Do not use undiluted on the skin. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. Discontinue use if redness, irritation, discomfort or any other adverse reactions occur. Avoid contact with sensitive areas. Do not use on children or animals. Flammable.



100% Pure Lavender, Rosemary & Marjoram Essential Oils.